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When you create an account, we create a basic profile page for you on 100% Project, containing your account name, the date the account was created, and a list of projects you have funded or launched. Whenever your account name appears on 100% Project (for instance, when you post comments, send messages, or fund projects), people can click your account name to see your profile. The profile is not searchable on 100% Project or via search engines like Google. Here are some of the things that will be publicly viewable on your profile, or elsewhere on 100% Project:

  • the account name, and the date it was created
  • any information you choose to add to your profile (like a picture, bio, or your location)
  • projects you've funded (but not pledge amounts or rewards chosen)
  • projects you've launched
  • any comments you’ve posted on 100% Project
  • if you have "Liked" a project update

Please note that each project page lists the community of users who have backed the project. If you don’t want others to see your name in a project’s Funders tab, choose an account name that is not identifiable (e.g., CatLuvr02).

Project owners are also asked to verify their identities before launching a project. Once this has been done, the project owner’s Verified Name will be publicly displayed on their account profile and on any projects they launch.


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